Thursday, January 20, 2011

We are in a holding pattern

These two pictures were taken at 9 AM this morning...obviously through the screen porch windows...we are at 9" and holding. Earlier this morning, when there were no was a beautiful white blanket. For a short while the snirt was gone. Snirt is a new word for is snow and dirt together. The kids, Cindy and Dawn are all home today.
Mike is going out pretty soon to be the neighborhood "snow bunny" with the snow blower.
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


The snow started about 1Pm...and it has been falling about 1" an hour. It is 5Pm and almost all my ducks are home and safe. Paul hasn't started home...he has the longest drive anyway. He now has a Ford 3500, diesel and 4x4 drive. He was pleased last week in the snow...sure hope he feels the same when he gets home today.
Have I mentioned to you all....I am not a winter lover. I could so easily live in Florida....
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Pink Sky in the morning...

It's 7 AM and the sky is such a pretty pink. I don't think my picture does it justice. This sky will bring a long winter storm....I love it now that they call it a winter event. I need to go to the Dr. at 10 AM and then I will stop at the store with the rest of the crazy shoppers. Our reporter alsmost count to flakes and are really alarmest....who know if they will be correct. It is suppose to start at noon, I'm suppose to be a church for our "Prayer Shawl" ministry at 1 PM....let's just say, I will be watching the roads and the TV.
Helen...I hope you are still snuggled in at 70...somehow I can just daydream when I know things are good and comfortable for you. I so have the winter blahs and it is still Jan.
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

No Doctor

Well we got up early to head to the Dr. for my 3 month check up...we were just heading out of the subdivision and my cell phone rang. It was the Dr.'s office and my Dr. had been called in to an emergency. I was glad she got us before we made the driving trip in such cold takes about 45 minutes to get to the Dr. We made another appointment for next Tues. morning.
Snow is suppose to come in during the afternoon tomorrow.
Hope you are all staying snuggled up warm!

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Since some of the melt last needs to be careful where one walks. I'm looking forward to going to church to give thanks that Greta is home and also to pray for the healing of our nation. Little Sam said to me last night.."Grandma, did you hear about that young girl and other people getting shot in 'Tuckson'....I told him "yes"....he said, "Grandma that really touched my heart and made my heart so hurt that I really cried and needed a "Deep Hug" from Mom. "Deep Hugs" are a really good therapy for autisic kids. He says such a warm and loving heart. I think we all need a "Deep Hug".
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Happy Sunday Morning