Thursday, April 25, 2013

Finally Camper Time

We head out early to finally open the camper....does it finally mean spring is here to stay????
Had an early morning big time eye cataract surgeries are set for the 7th and the 21st. I am really excited to get this accomplished. Mom was about my same age when she had hers done...I remember her first comment was..."I can see like an Eagle!"
I will be able to read your blogs...really have not be real successful at posting down there...but, will try🎏

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Beautiful Prom

Last night was the North Kansas City High Schools Prom. Cindy and the Junior Class were in charge. Really, Cindy has worked on this all school year. I went down to see all the decorations and set up before the students arrived...the prom was just a great success. Lot's of hard work, but no extra pay for all the hours involved...but, she was pleased with the outcome last night.