Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Home again...

Dr. visit went well...but, he does want to see me in 4 months.  Cindy is home from the conference...she said she left early.  Many did not show up because there were slick roads this morning from the 1 " of snow...she left about 3 hours early so she could drive in daylight.  I was so happy to see her walk in the door.

Off to Dr. this morning....

Vampire work last week and then met with my primary Dr. on Friday to go over the results...all good and markers down.  Today I go to my specialist and very grateful that Mike is driving me.  All that wonderful clean out yesterday and this morning...I'm not worried about seeing the Dr....I will just be glad when it is over.
I have been praying and so concerned about Patsy...my post to her post while she is in the hospital has not gone through.  I so appreciate that you all are keeping me in the loop...I sure will be glad when she is home.
Dusting of snow and really cold here...I sure am not ready for this.  Cindy is attending a conference in Jefferson City today...she made it down there last night.  I sure will be glad when she gets home tonight.

My cousin Helen is looking good...her picture of Benjamin and her by the tree is darling!!!