Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cindy getting her room ready....

I worked with Cindy all day getting her room ready.  She was always such a trooper to help me put up my bulletin boards...turn around is fair play.
I have really been dieting since April 1st...I'm tickled to say that I did reach a mild goal today...I am down 40 pounds...still have 35 to go.  Boy it sure is easier to put it on  than to take it off!
My Mom used to say that I took after Grandpa Powell's side of the family...really use to make me mad as a Mom and Aunt Winnie were always so skinny....too bad I never will be tall or skinny.

Sunday, August 07, 2011


We had a major downfall of rain....we were out with the boys buying them shoes for school.. The lights went down to emergency lights in Sport's Authority.  Glad for the rain...hated that it scared the boys so much.  We were in a building with a tin roof...I kids just can't get Joplin completely out of their minds.