Thursday, December 28, 2006

Paul and Sue Bockelman/2006

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Celelbrating Family

Wow - did we ever have a fantastic visit last evening. It was so fun to catch up on our lives.
Sue is living in North Carolina where they are renting a home until June 1st, then they are moving into a home they bought in Charlotte. Their new home will be only 13 miles from their daughter and her family which now includes a darling little girl named Sophie.
Their son Joe lives back here in the area as well as Paul's family - so we were delighted that we were included in their whirlwind tour.
She had called Tommie up in Alaska for her 64th birthday this month - Tommie's husband is not doing very well health wise. Tommie's daughter Teresa now lives over in England with her husband and they sound like life is really good for them.

Sue and Winnie/2006

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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Happy Birthday MOM!

Today my best friend would be either 89 or 90~depending on which records you go by. Mom was brought up believing that she was born in 1917, then Grandpa changed the year when he sent everyone Bibles for Christmas to 1916.
I am who I am today because of my Mom. She was such a role model and super friend!
To best describe "Fleet" you would use words like, adoring wife, wonderful Mom, sister, friend, aunt, Christian leader, Democrat, awesome Bridge player and a star basketball player for S of O. The descriptions I just listed are what she most wanted to be remembered.
She was such an awesome friend and I miss her each and every day. I especially miss her today because as she was growing up, her birthday would usually be forgotten until it was bed time and someone would say - like the "Waltons"- hey, today is Fleta's birthday - Happy Birthday Fleta.
Dad changed all that and we always had a special day for Mom on the 27th - it was never a day to take down the Christmas tree. So today my tree is shinning brightly since I awoke and this evening my cousin Susie is coming to visit and we shall all remember the lady we loved so much!