Friday, January 19, 2007

Today we had a little set back....

We went to the Dr. this morning with great expectations, but they certainly were dashed. Yesterday Mike was dismissed by his home therapist and he was to start outpatient therapy next Monday. Well...his wound right over his knee cap is not closing, so he has been put in an leg brace and he is to be very careful for the next 10 days. Thank goodness there is no infection, but not being able to move the knee after he has worked so hard is a real bummer!
We will go see a specialist for wound care next Wednesday... I told Mike that I would have his wound in good shape by the time we see the specialist, so maybe we won't even have to go and spend all that money. Soooo....... please lift Mike up in your prayers for a healing. Thanks you all!

Monday, January 15, 2007

If I had a wish today.....

If I had a wish today, I think I would like to change places with Helen. I just finished the topper of all topper nonsense jobs. I just came in from chopping ice off of 1/2 my double driveway so that I can get out this afternoon and go get Mike's pain medicine.
Actually, I am kind of proud of myself - I'm 64 years old and I didn't have a heart attack!
Once again, I wonder what my life would have been like if I could pick up seashells every day and walk quietly on the beach......

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Real Winter Blaaaaahs!

We are now waiting for phase III. We really got by pretty well through the first two phases, but we are certainly stuck inside. The church parking lot was so slick that I did even try to venture out. I have stayed ahead of the ice on one side of my driveway - so, if I have to I could get out. The kids have been great about checking on us (but somehow that really makes me feel old!)
Most all of KC has kept heat and electricity and my one outlet is blogging. At this point I may be boring, but it is keeping my sanity for now.
My real blessing is that I am not living down at the camper - it is frozen over and they have lost electricity.