Thursday, January 17, 2013

Busy Wednesday

On Wednesdays I work at the Food Pantry sponsored by our church for two hours...probably the most rewarding thing I have been a part of in a long time...It is wonderful experience to get acquainted with the clients and see how for most of them things are getting better.
Then on the third Wednesday we serve a community free meal...which means Mike and I are down at church working from 1:30 until about 8. Our church has been in this little community area for 100 years and like any community it has gone through a lot of economic changes...we have now had this Community Meal for 4 certainly is a heart warming experience...many in the neighborhood are really seeing our church as a warm and inviting haven...this has been a lot of hard work...but many of us believe that this is what we should be about...Thanks for listening to my preaching 😇

Monday, January 14, 2013


Jim's daughter Abby got married on Saturday down in Cabo...hopefully some pictures will be posted on FaceBook. Skip and LouAnn went to the wedding. That's all I know about that!
It has really been cold here...especially since it was in the sixties here on Friday....but, no SNOW...thank goodness. Again, I can post from my IPAD, but have not figured out sharing pictures taken with my phone ...easy to put on FaceBook...but I'm missing some step to share on the blog.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Very Proud

Last night our Grandson Paxton and 17 other teenagers were Confirmed at their church.  It was a beautiful evening to watch these young adults make their choices to become part of the Christian community of believers.  It is so meaningful that Paxton is following in the footsteps of his ancestors.  I know his Great and Great-Great Granparents were looking down from Heaven and rejoicing.  Sure wish I could accomplish showing you pictures I took on my's just one of those days that I can't hold my mouth right and get it to publish..-:)