Thursday, July 07, 2011

Been really busy this week...

I sure wish I had more to show for all the work I have completed....some of the house looks good and cleas....the rest sure needs it's turn.
We have been doing some car shopping...I think I'm going to get rid of the Bug and get a bigger car for traveling....we'll see.  Hope you have a fantastic weekend...

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Yippee Skippee

I think I have my blog fixed.....hope this all comes through

Happy Weekend... it ever starting out hot early this morning. We have been blessed with kind of moderate temperatures up until today.....but, the heat wave of 100 has arrived for the weekend.
We decided to stay home because of the heat...but we do have some inside plans made for the weekend.
Some how I got my arm twisted to teach our Sunday School class this weekend. I said to several that I really had not thought of a topic....I could go with the topic "Cancer Does not Have Me" and I actually got kind of emotional and thought that maybe that was not the best topic for, another friend suggested'm going with "Made in America"....obviously I won't be talking about Walmart anymore.
Hope your weekend is fantastic and thanks for the time you all spend with your blogs...I read

Damn Yankees

Hi all....just got back in town late last night. On this last trip we went to Arrow Rock Missouri and went to the theatre with a group of my friends and we saw "Damn Yankees" was absolutely awesome!
Weather has been absolutely beautiful for the last 4 days...yippee skippee!
Sam was with his mom and myself last week and he asked what a coursett is....Cindy told him that it was something that women wore under their dresses in the 18th Century. Instead of a bra and panties...this is what women wore. He said, "I don't understand why it keeps coming up in my game." (he has a handheld game)....Finally I ask him to spell it for me...he spelled course set. Cindy and I were laughing so was hard to blend into traffic on the highway.