Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Anna Mae and Her Arrowheads:

I finally figured out how to post pictures again - HOORAY!
Below is a photo of Anna Mae showing Mike some of her collection and explaining where she got each and every arrowhead. She is 78 years young and this Sunday we are going down to the Methodist College in Fayette, Mo and view her art exhibit at the college library.
Actually, I have adopted Anna Mae as my Mother now - she is just the most gracious, enthusiastic little person you would ever want to meet and she is as much of a "spit-fire" as my Mother use to be. Mom and Anna Mae would have been great friends.
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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Today is finally the last day of School!

Today I finished my last day as a long term-sub in 1st Grade. It actually was fun and I had a wonderful class. I just hated coming back from the camper to finish 3 hours this morning to make up for a snow day.
Sam lost his third tooth yesterday and he was all smiles for his last day of Kindergarten. No surprise, he has "mastered" all his Kindergarten objectives and was marked for being above grade level in Math and Reading - wonder what he would have accomplished if he had had a teacher that was willing to work with him. We survived his Kindergarten year and we have certainly put in a request for a better match for him for 1st Grade.
Happy Summer Break Sam, Paxton and Tanner~ I look forward to being with my grandsons and having a wonderful summer.

Sam is now a 1st Grader

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