Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Remembering Mom....

Yesterday I was with Sam all day on a field trip to Science City and then we took all 3 boys to Chucke Cheese last night.
Tomorrow I will have 13 for dinner and I have worked all day on food preparations. You all would crack up if you would see the old letter I pull out every year and read. It is now in a small zip baggie and it resides in my recipe box. My Mom wrote it over 35 years ago, and it is how to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner. It is about 4 pages long, and she wrote it just like she talked. At the end, she tells me not to let Mike read it....he would never let her live it down.
It is my treasure....especially the part about making Grandma's cornbread dressing. When she lived with us, she taught me how you taste it before you cook it in the bird, and my family loves it. Cindy ask me to triple the recipe this year so we could have left overs.
I hope all of you have a fantastic Thanksgiving.