Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A Fun Day Planned:

We have been invited to lunch today to visit a dear friend and her husband. We are so honored to be asked to join them for lunch in their home because there is an added special bonus.
The wife, 83 years young, has collected arrowheads her entire married life of 60 years and she is going to share her findings with us. Most of her valued collection is on loan to the Arrowrock Historical Society in Arrowrock Missouri - however her prized possessions are in her home.
Mike is so excited he can hardly contain himself - he loves history so, and Missouri Native American History is a bonus plus!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Tonight My Man Spoke:

I hope each and everyone of you heard my candidate, John Edwards, speak on 60 minutes. Elizabeth was at his side and they spoke about the cancer and why they will continue to run for the Presidency of the great country. Together they have a message that I believe this bruised nation neeeds to hear.

I pray for their strength, healing and courage!