Saturday, May 25, 2013

More Iris!!!

Some more that caught my eye along with my favorite flower...peonies!!

Iris, Iris and more Iris

We had an awesome time on a day trip to see an Iris Farm.  OMG was it a beautiful sight and an opportunity to just enjoy the beauty of God's creations.  I just may order some to be delivered in July so I can have some of this beauty in my yard!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dr. follow up went well...she said this one was even thicker than the one two weeks cornea is still swollen, but it will be better by the weekend.  This evening Mike is teaching the two younger boys to mow...he said it would be a fun time.  Obviously, he thinks some things are more fun than I do.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I forgot to mention that today is Susie's ...sure wish we lived closer....Love her so much❤

2nd Cataract Surgery

Second surgery seems to have gone well.big patch comes off at 11:00... No pain, so all should be well.  Dear friend was hunkered down...she is a Professor at OU.  She says the devastation is unbelievable.  Do you cousins remember if we have family still in Moore?..I remember traveling there with Mom to see Aunt Oma and her family.  We met Grandma Powell there and Mom and I traveled on a greyhound bus to meet her in Moore Oklahoma...I was pretty young, but I do really have some found memories of good times.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Little neighbors

We helped
celebrate with our new neighbors yesterday...Their oldest turned 2 and his Lille sister was born on Halloween day last year.  They are so precious and we feel so blessed to have these new neighbors.  They are a blessing to us.
The picture of Mike and the balloons show you a view of our yard in back of him.  Really shows you why Mike put in connecting steps and the retaining wall.  The people that use to live here were good friends of ours...then they moved to Arizona.  Then... a crabby old couple moved in....but now we have new, young awesome neighbors❤

Yard work

We have a friends grandson that just graduated HS.  He came over to work with Mike on summer projects...thankfully, it wasn't unbearably hot.