Friday, December 17, 2010


I thought maybe Patsy would enjoy something to do with extra eggs.
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The Holidays have started...

Today was Cindy and the kids last day of school. I'm really happy for all of them to have a really nice break. Cindy goes back Jan.2nd and the kids all go back Jan.3rd.
Cindy wrote to the corporate office of Quick Trip and ask if they would donate something for her students in her Housing Design class and they did send a certificate for each one to have a free hot chocolate. So...she asked the VP if she could walk with her kids down to Quick Trip since they were all done with their they all walked down (15 students) to Quick Trip and enjoyed a hot chocolate. These kids really have absolutely nothing and this was a big treat to them.
Tomorrow I'm going down to church with a couple of my friends and we are going to put the batteries in some flashlight candles that they use for Christmas Eve service. The special candles were donated by one of my Guild members in honor of her son that died 4 years ago. He was just 17 and died of cancer.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

News from up North

This is the latest news from up north....Palin shot Rudolph. Hope you are enjoying all your family as we prepare for the up coming, beautiful celebration of Christmas. We actually had a skiff of snow this morning, but not enough to keep us from going to church.
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