Thursday, February 05, 2009

Hello from KC!!!!

Well the worst of this is over and I finally am allowed to walk the stairs. My computer is downstairs and I'm kinda like Patsy - I sure miss hearing about all of you
My surgery went well Tues. and if you Powell's are all like me.....we grow these stones very big. Without it being an emergency, I was able to have my gall bladder and stone remove laproscopically. The surgeon told Mike that we had really made the right call...because if the stone had rolled into a blockage of the duct I sure would have been in terrible shape.
I really only took 4 pain pills Tuesday, went to Tylenol yesterday and so far today I haven't needed any pain medication. Modern medicine is something else! Also, being able to shower today and get ride of those horrible leg nylons has really lifted my spirits.
Thanks for all your love, prayers and concerns. I really have appreciated your support!