Saturday, April 14, 2012


I really don't remember what our Grandpa said, but I sure remember how upset and angry my Mom was.  Soooo then she began to believe she really was a year older...Aunt Winnie thought it was a hoot!
Mike says that they must have also found Aunt Winnie a few years later...because they looked almost like twins.
I may just have to solve all of this by writing to Little Rock for a birth certificate....but, that certainly will be a different day.
I have almost done too much...we went last night and toured the new Mormon Temple built not far from our home...after April 21st, no one except 'worthy" Mormons will be aloud in.  I will was beautiful...Sam said to our tour guide, "well, I probably should not say this...but it sure looks like a hotel in here"...I thought our tour guide was going to collapse...Out of the mouths of Babes!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Fleta A.

I just know that my Mom had a real discussion with her Pop when she got to Heaven.  Have I not told you all that my Mom's real name is Trellamae?  Dad would not let her write for her real birth certificate...he tought it might mess up his retirement.  He was such a rule follower.
When Dad was getting ready to retire...Mom had to write for her birth certificate...and guess what???There is no birth certificate for Fleta Alleen Powell born Dec. 27, 1916 or she had to use other docutments to prove her age.  Her high school diploma says, 1917, my birth certificate says 1917 and her marriage license says that is what she went with.
Major argument...if that is what you ever could call a discussion with Grandpa....Mom said, "you always said I was born in 1917 and all of a write in the Bible that I was born in 1916!
One night...Mom told Dad...I know why I don't have a birth certificate and yet all the others do...My real name is not Fleta Alleen, but it is Trellamae spelled as one name.
Dad said later, "there is no way your name is Trellamae....I would never have slept with a Trellamae" Uncle Truman did remember that when she was born...Grandma called her Trellamae.
We think Grandma changed Mom's name after G Grandma Powell left after taking care of Mom...GGrandma Powell kept referring to her as "Trell" and that made Grandma Powell she changed it to Fleta Alleen, but never officially changed the birth's been a good family laugh for many years...Jim and Skip use to put "Trellamae" on her Christmas packages.
I just haven't had enough nerve to write for a birth certificate for just our family treasure.