Saturday, December 15, 2007

Snow, Snow and More Snow

I have just finished cleaning off our double wide, steep driveway for the second time today~have I told you all how much I would love living in Florida. I love to walk on the beach and collect shells~ I do not like shoveling snow and chipping ice!
I'm hoping with our new 4 wheel drive that we can make it to church tomorrow morning and then attend Paxton and Tanner's Christmas program in the evening. There have been so many things cancelled over the last week, but my family really can count there blessings because we have all continued to have our power on. I have several friends up in St.Joseph, MO that have not had power for a week. I think I heard something about winter starting on the 22nd - I don't think Old Man Winter has looked at the calendar.
I hope all my family and friends are warm and safe this December night!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I'm thinking a Miracle!

This new program surely has a mind of it's own - maybe while I am iced in I will be able to figure it out, it sure likes to block everything and this old dog is not smart enought to jump over the firewalls. The kids are all out of school today and so many programs cancelled today~ I just hope it all clears out before the Christmas break.
I just enjoy all of my cousin's pictures so much - I am determined to master this. Right now everything I scan to blog comes up as wallpaper, so I am enjoying the pictures of Jimmy and Katie - just can't get them to you all.
Hope you are staying warm, we have dogged the big bullet like Oklahoma and right now it is just raining and melting away the 1/2 " of ice. The temp is staying above freezing right now and should drop back down this afternoon - it is really pretty outside right now ( you just have to take my word for it)!