Thursday, February 28, 2008

First Round..

I just got home from our caucus - Hillary actually had twice as many people there for our county caucus.
I threw my hat in the ring to run as an alternate delegate and I will be moving on to the next step which will be March 27th.
At our caucus we elected 11 Women and 11 Men to be delgates for Hillary and 11 alternates, just in case one of our delegates can't attend the next round.
Barack will have 8 Men delegates and 8 Women delegates from our county to go to the next round of selection.
See...all my work paid off in our county......we have more delegates because she carried our county.
After the 27th, then you move to the state level for selection. I will really be ok about not going on, I just love seeing the process and seeing so many people still excited about Hillary.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Congressman Emanuel Clever

Emanuel Clever is a really great fellow here in KC. He is a retired Methodist minister, he was Mayor of KC for two terms and now he is our Congressman from Missouri. He is a black man that is one of Hillary's super delegates.
He had an interesting article in the paper today.....he said that he is receiving a hurricane of emails questioning why he is not backing a black man.
He is a real man of his word and really believes that Hillary is the best candidate and wonders if the other candidate is elected.......will we be wondering what in the world did we do?
He says that people look at Barack and think they see miracles.......Emanuel does not believe he will be able to accomplish miracles. For me......enough said.