Saturday, November 25, 2006

Bushie Has Really Changed my World:

I find that the older I get, the more passion I have about being a Democrat. I have been utterly shocked that friends and family have been less than pleased that Claire won. I have known for years that they were all Republicans, and the most overt thing I did around them was to have a McCaskill bumper sticker in my car window - so they have all felt the need to really slam me about working for Claire. They truly believe that Missouri has lost a good Senator - but I am thrilled that he is gone. Since "Bushie" has been the President for the last 6 year, it is almost like I am to apologize for being a Democrat - the whole thing makes me really ill. Each night I say to myself, "why can't they see this lying sack of sh** for what he really is?" I pray each night that he doesn't get us into WWIII and I pray for those that he has put in harms way for no earthly reason other than he wanted to fight Daddy's war. My question is: "Why do I feel so opposite of some of my life-long friends?" I've decided that they actually believe the rubbish that Limbaugh screams at them each day - do you know that in some of the retail shops in St.Louis he is broadcast daily over the PA system?
Sorry for the tirade friends, but I am really sick and tired of being expected to say I'm sorry for my Democratic beliefs!