Saturday, September 26, 2009

Paul's cake

This was Paul's cake for the party last night. Paul really enjoys Jimmy Buffett...thus the tropical theme. I talked to Dawn a little while ago and I ask what time the party broke up....she said they got home at 2 AM.
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Meet Gretchen

This is Gretchen. She is Sam's puppy and she is a Shi-Su and she is just 4 months old. She has been visiting since Thursday night and she goes home tomorrow....she misses Sam and Sam misses her. They get up at 5 AM at their house, so Gretchen thinks she needs to get up at 5 AM at my house.
Now I love dogs, but I can assure you....I'm not ready to have another dog. The last dog we had lived for 18 years.
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Friday, September 25, 2009


We really surprised Paul this evening for his 40th! His birthday was actually on the 9th and we had a really special family birthday party....crab legs and shrimp. We knew he was really bummed that he didn't have a big 40th party...but we got him tonight. Yeah!
Everyone probably is still there enjoying the keg....but, that's not my thing and I was the oldest one there. I took plenty of party pics. Mike was not able to go because he is down with a horrible cough and Cindy's family is down in Branson. They are celebrating her 37th...which is tomorrow. We are keeping the puppy for them...the little dog is so cute, but it got me up at 5 AM this morning. She had better be a sleepyhead in the morning.
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