Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Just a Little UPDATE:

Last week I loved the cooler weather and decided to work out in the back yard pulling weeds, killing poison ivy and just doing some general upkeep of the bird feeders and bird bath. Well - my foot and knee stayed in one position and I moved in another which caused immediate pain and a "POP" which is not a good thing at my age.
So...... I've had my turn at the Dr. thing, knee brace and a cane. They haven't decided exactly what is wrong yet through x-rays and a MRI. I should hear about all this tomorrow.
Today involved a test called an EMG to see if they can figure out why my feet hurt so bad and are always numb. The test was truly not pleasant but I survived and now know for sure that I do not have nerve damage to my feet and legs.
Monday I saw the vampire lady and I will get those results some time this week - honestly, you go for one little thing and the next thing you know you are having every test they can think of. I really don't think they want to believe I am cancer free -