Friday, August 18, 2006

One Great Benefit of Blogging

My Cousin Jim:
Blogging has forced me to go through old pictures and this is one I found last night - I had forgotten which old album it was in, or actually forgot that I had this wonderful picture. I think this was taken around 1996 and I truly feel like I found a treasure - this picture is going in a frame where I will always know where it is.

Cuz Jim

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Monday, August 14, 2006

My first teaching assignment/Kdg. 1964

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Teaching First Grade

Today I started a long-term sub position in first grade for a friend that had a baby last week. It seems so strange to be setting up a room, putting up bullentin boards and getting things ready to meet the parents on Thursday. There are many things I miss since retiring, but meetings are sure not something I miss. However, I am ever so eager to meet my new 1st Graders - they are so excited and so eager to please and learn. I will only have 20 children and way back when I started, I had 36 Kindergarteners and actually thought nothing about having that many students - I also know that I was much younger, had more energy and my feet didn't ache back then.