Friday, January 11, 2008


The computer tech from our service was here for 2 hours and finally figured out what the problem with our computer was.....the firewall that comes with our service was not recognizing our Vista program and was blocking everything. I told you Mike and I were about to put our foot through this new computer......well, now we don't have to. All is well and we are happy campers with our computer once again.

Here's my latest Sam story.....he had been very curious about where he came from and Cindy has been giving him a little correct information here and there. So, as Mike was giving him a bath the other evening he looked up and said, "Pop-Pop, I just can't find my uterus, do you know where it is?" After a little explanation, Sam looked right at him and said, "well Pop-Pop, whose uterus did you come from?"
I just love it because Mike was always away coaching and he didn't get to experience all these type of questions from our own kids!