Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Very late night...

I awoke early this morning after a very, very late night last night. Schools were once again called off because of snow and I'm sure glad it didn't happen yesterday.
The final call for Hillary was that she lost MO last night 48% to 49% and since MO is not a winner take all like the Republicans, she will take almost as many delegates from MO as Obama will.
I had been laying the ground work to be elected as a delegate from MO to the National Convention in August (it falls over my birthday)- after our tough battle, I have changed my mind. I think I would rather watch on TV. I do believe, at this point, that it will go down to the convention before we make a decision.
I was absolutely delighted that Hillary carried all the counties in MO except for 6. She carried my county by a large margin.......but then the St.Louis City vote came in (they have a hard time counting) late last night and then she lost her margin. I thought the other interesting thing about my county was that Romney carried the vote.
In case you all don't know - St.Louis is a very "black" city as well as South Kansas City and they were 3 of the counties that put Barack over the top.
It was exciting to see record numbers of voters for a primary-we will see if they stick with it for the National Election.
If Barack gets the nomination, I will vote for him.....but it is not my plan to work for him. Maybe that is just my tired talking this morning.