Friday, March 02, 2007

March is an Interesting Month:

So many different things have happened to me in March. It is a season for change~the strong winds can attest to that today and yesterday.
When I taught Pre-school, I always taught a color of the month and March ended up being "black" month. I have faced family deaths in March and I also faced cancer in March.
So..... what has turned March around for me?
My grandson Samuel born on March 7th!
Today we went to the Autistic Specialist and we visited and talked with him for 2 hours.
He made us feel so good - he actually understands our special guy and gave us a great direction for Sam. We felt so good that he sees the same child we know and understand, and not the child that his teacher tries to make everyone believe that he is.
By the time we finished our visit we were uplifted and actually excited that the Dr. is going to write the principal and tell him about his upset with the teacher - we didn't have to say a word about the teacher, she hung herself with her report to the Dr. So - maybe I should just paint March with a rainbow now!