Friday, March 07, 2014

Sam is a Teenager!!

We sure had fun with Sam today after school.  We all made our own banana splits...What fun!!!

Sunday, March 02, 2014

This Childhood Memory for Helen...

When I was very small, I would ride between my Mom and Dad on my Dad's motorcycle.  Mom made me the cutest riding was red bibbers with a white blouse.  She also made me a red, button uner the chin matching cap.  I really could not see much as we were riding because I was snuggled between the two of them.  I always loved going for a ride with them and was always begging for us to go for a ride.  One day Dad came home after a ride by himself....he didn't ever say why...but, the motorcycle was put up for sale.  I even knew as a little kid, he must have had a close call and he was not going to take any chances with us riding again.  Wish I could figure out like to scan a picture for you all to program is no longer user friendly!

More Childhood Memories...

I remember that sleeping was always difficult for me....I was always unable to just relax and go to sleep.  It was always a struggle between my parents and me.  I think I could have stayed up 24/7...I know it was hard on my Mom to always be with this super active kid all night and day.  I so wanted brothers and sisters, but it was not God's plan for Mom not to have more kids....she had several miscarriages, but it didn't know that until I was married and had a miscarriage.
I would love it when Daddy came home after a long day of work....we would sit outside and visit with our wonderful neighbors while Mom fixed dinner....don't you just know that gave her a break for a little while.  Then after dinner, Daddy, Mom and I would go in and listen to the radio.  I really loved the Lone Ranger and Fibber Magee and Molly and we also listened to Jack Benny.
About once a month our neighbor Joe would go some place over town and come back with Polish was delicious....Daddy would slice it and peel it and we would eat it on saltine crackers.  I was a horrible eater, but I would sure eat Polish Sasuage(kind of like a summer sausage).  Joe would never tell Daddy where he went to buy the sausage....he said " wouldn't want to eat it if you ever saw where I buy it!  Dad didn't ask after that.

I/2is Here

Snowed last night....I took my "welcome Winter " sign down two weeks ago.  Actually I would have really rather been down at Bennett for Opening Day yesterday.
When I was little I use to love playing the snow....did you ever wear bread sacks inside your galoshes so you could get them off on on easier?  Everyone had the same black ones that went over your shoes...we put them on for morning and afternoon recess and you put your knitted mittens on the radiator to dry during class.  I still can remember that smell, but snow use to be fun...somehow it didn't matter that your finger tips were numb and your toes were numb.  Now they tell you all over the news that you probably have frost bite and you must go inside....I wonder how we ever survived!