Saturday, June 09, 2007

What a Day this Saturday has been!

We came back from the camper on Thursday because of severe storm warnings and I have no desire to be in a tin can if a tornado passes through!
Our Cindy is taking her Missouri Praxis test today and Kris is taking a huge auditor/computer tech test ~ so we had Sam last night to spend the night.
Cindy had punched in the wrong code for the test when she signed up, then had to wait and see if she could get into the test this afternoon on stand by. Kris took his 5 hour tests and came away very discouraged - he had been given the wrong practice information from his company.
Next - I went to Tanner's T Ball game with Sam trying to show him how much fun his cousin was having - then Tanner (age 4) was catching and got hit in the nose with a bat. To say the least, there was blood everywhere and Tanner was screaming in pain. Bottom line, Tanner's nose was x-rayed at the emergency room and it is not broken. Sam basically says right now when asked if he wants to play T Ball - NO Thanks!