Friday, February 18, 2011

Taking the boys out...

Mike and I took the boys out today to a new hamburger place called you can see by the shortsleeves the weather was warmer today....yippee, skippee. Ice cream hit the spot with all 5 of us. It was especially a great treat for Sam to get out a little...his goose egg is now green, but we are still keeping a close eye on him.
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Full Moon

Maybe all our interesting things have to do with the full moon tonight. I just remember when my Mom was in the Alzheimer's Ward, a full moon would mean that some were actually howling in her ward. Also, we always new it was a full moon because we always could tell it with the children.....they were wild. I hope it is a good time for mediation...the day after a full moon.Posted by Picasa
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We spent almost 3 hours in the ER last night with Sam and his parents. Sam had a head collision in gym yesterday and around 7 PM it became worrisome to all of us. Their Dr. sent them to the ER. The conclusion they reached is that we will keep a close eye on him for two days. Kris is home with him today and we will have him and the other 2 boys tomorrow (they have teacher meetings), asking for prayers for our little guy.

Prayers from KC for each and every one of seems like our lives are getting more complicated now that we no longer have parents to turn to....that was always such a calmness in my we are that generation. Where did all the time go....

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Really, Really, Really

Boy has today been a really, really, really busy day. I worked all morning with a friend planning next years dates for P.E.O. Then this afternoon I took on a new project...I am going to try and teach Sharon (my new friend from China) how to read English. She is really an eager learner and today's one hour lesson went really well. I decided that if I could teach 5 and 6 years olds how to read, I could teach Sharon that has very little English language. I saved all my old Sally, Dick and Jane books from when I taught 1st Grade. I really was pleased with our progress today. She has trouble saying "v's", "w's" and "r's". She was really happy about today's lesson.
Then...I had to go and pick up Sam from school. His Mom has evening conferences...but, Dad got here by 5:00....We will have all 3 boys on Thursday night because there is no school for the kids on Friday. All the parents will be working...I just know we will have a good time.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


It is so ugly outside, but it is!!!! Car is so dirty...maybe I can wash it tomorrow. With it's top, I can't take it to a car wash.