Friday, September 05, 2008

More Fun Than Politics.....

I wanted to share what Mike bought me for my birthday on the 27th......this is a lot more fun than politics. I was just waiting for a good picture to share. We traded in our SUV that we had only had a year, which is a real departure from usually keeping our cars for about 10 years. We just told our Obama friends that this is the money we would have given to Hillary. TeeHee
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Some True Facts.....

This tax grid was put together by CNN Money...not by either candidate. It is pretty clear to me that Barack is the one to help my family. Also, it you listened to McCain last night and you are a Public School Teacher - there is no way you should vote for McCain. He will destroy the Public School System with his defined "Voucher" system. I sent a letter to most of you that talkes about the new candidate for VP. She is a Pit doubt about it.
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Thursday, September 04, 2008

A Long 60 Days to Come.....

The "maverick" has his running mate. She is 1/2 heart beat away...if they are elected.
We know she is a mother and has been a Mayor and a Governor.
I have been told she is the champion of "Kill the Wolf" game which is slaughter of wolves from the airplanes in the sky. She believes Polar Bears don't merit being on the Endangered Species and she refuses legislation to protect Beluga Whales and Grizzly Bears.
"Bushie II" has already be labeled the worst environmental leader our Nation has ever known - but if elected, this horrific new team could even beat his horrible record.
The thing is....she can speak. I hope everyone heard the commentators tell us that the speech was written by the Bush team at the last minute....since he chose a woman.
I did listen, was impressed with her relaxed speaking style, but she absolutely lost me when she started in on where Barack stands - she repeated the "lies" the McCain continues to broadcast.
I feel in my heart, that the Democrats still have a chance if Barack will continue to tie McCain to the failures of Bush!