Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I'll Catch you up.......

On April 1st we went down to Bennett to open the camper.....all went well, not critters had been inside during the winter. We were really happy about our ability to ward off all the little four legged critters.
We came back home and worked most of the weekend at church on our fund raiser...Palm Sunday Brunch. Mike and I are both cooks and when we finished on Sunday, we were dog tired!
Sunday evening, the owner of the camp grounds called and said that Bennett Spring was in for 3 days of really hard freezes and we were going to be in a real mess if we did not rewinterized....so what is another $150.
Today was court day and a tour of the Juvenile Justice System....yeah, it's over for today!
I read each of your blogs every day and I just love hearing what is going on with all of you.
I wish I could say Happy Spring....but, this cold weather will not go away!