Saturday, July 01, 2006

Paul and Mary:

Congratulations to Paul and Mary on their 24th Wedding Anniversary. Paul is my husband's youngest brother and he and Mary or very, very special family to us. We love them so much and wish them all the happiness in the world -

Happy Anniversary to Paul and Mary:July 2, 1982

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Celebrating Weddings:

For the month of July I am going to do some focusing on weddings. I have been fortunate enough to be a part of several weddings for very dear, dear friends. I want to take some time and celebrate my own anniversary and remember the very special times in friends and family weddings. I hope you enjoy!

July 23, 1966

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Monday, June 26, 2006

Jewell Years: 1960 - 1964

I absolutely loved being at William Jewell College in Liberty, Mo. I met life-long friends and met my husband - to be- at Jewell.
I was extremely involved with my sorority, Union Board and intermurals. In intermurals I soon found out that we didn't play sports as rough as the girls did from small towns. I only watched and cheered basketball from a far.
While I was at Jewell, I met and became life-long friends with two very special girls. The first, is my friend Becky from Willow Springs, MO. The second, is my friend Diana from Liberty, MO. I am so blessed to have these two very dear friends in my life still today. Becky lives in Little Rock and Diana lives in Hurst, TX. We see each other very little, but do we ever spend time on the phone.
I knew my husband to-be, but we never dated the four years we were at Jewell. We laugh today because I thought he was a stuck-up jock and he thought I was a stuck-up sorority girl. We actually ended up dating during the summer of 1965 after we saw each other at a wedding where we were both participants in the wedding.
After the wedding we were both heading back to St.Louis for the summer - we exchanged phone numbers and that next week Mike came out to my folks house for a visit. My parents actually liked him the first time they met him. Mike rode his motorscooter out to the house, came in all sweaty, and went right into the living room and sat down on the forbidden ice-blue couch. ( We had all always teased that Mom had a gold chain at the entrance to the living room - no one ever went into the living room- it was just for show!)
In August we both returned to other side of the state - Kansas City. I was teaching 1st Grade for the North Kansas City Schools and Mike was teaching PE and Math for Kearney, MO. He was also the head football coach - so dating consisted of going to football games for the first couple of months. I drove to some strange sounding little towns on Friday, like Faucett.
Over Christmas of 1965, Mike and I were engaged. The wedding was July 23, 1966.