Saturday, December 13, 2008

Nancy made it to the meeting.....


What a joyous day we had this morning. Nancy was able to make it to our Guild meeting and you can tell by the smiles on all our faces, we were a very happy group of women. The tumor has now shrunk 70% and they may operate and put in a stint so she can start eating and swallowing. This ole' cancer is just the pits....but God is an awesome, healing God.Posted by Picasa

Friday, December 12, 2008

My Tree for Helen...

I don't know what I would do without Cindy coming over to help decorate....she is my joy! We had to go out and buy a new tree because the one Mom bought us in the early 90's just would not go together this year. I really went into sticker shock when I went shopping for a tree. However, I finally found this one at KMart and it is a Martha Stewart tree. It is probably the fullest tree we have ever had and I got it on sale.
We are going through a period that everything we touch seems to break this last week. My little yellow car even got an "owie" this week. I came out from grocery shopping and someone had backed into "Betsy". Of course, they did not leave a note and since it was on what they call private property, I could not turn in a Police report. wasn't much damage, but it sure comes out of our pocket.
It was really cold and bitter this last week, with a little snow on the ground. I hate to think what is coming out of the North the beginning of next week......I may just have to stay inside for awhile.
The blessing this week is that my friend that I ask you all to pray for got some good news.....the tumor has reduced about 40%. She still can't swallow, but slow progress is being made. I think I will get to see her tomorrow because she is going to come to our Christmas party for our guild. I told her it would be the best Christmas gift ever! Of course my Mike said, "You mean I didn't have to shop this year!"
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