Friday, April 20, 2012

Now Searching

There are some times that I find aging where did I put that?  I have torn up jack since I told Helen I had the Elvis 45 you think I can find it????Noooo, but I know I have it...I will continue to look....arghhhhhh!!!!

I would be a big "NO"

Back down a little blog.  That would be "NO" I am not voting for the Mormon or any Republican.  I am so angry with what the Republicans in charge are doing down in Jefferson City...arghhh!  Today they voted that Obama Care is unconstitutional....I sure would hate for anyone in Missouri to think about those in need....oh, I'm sorry...we don't have anyone in need in Missouri according to the Republicans.  Good Gosh....they are so "ME" centered!  I have a different thoughts...obviously.  I can't wait to get well enough to go work for our President....I don't think, however, we will ever turn our state back blue...Rush has too big a hold on this state.  I'm glad I can rant to you all....Love you all and hope your blood work is ok Helen.  By the you have anything collected about "You Ain't Nothing But a Hounddog"...if you want, I have a 45 mint condition cover from when I was in Junior High...the record has been gone forever...but the jacket is really nice and I don't have a need for it.