Friday, June 01, 2012


It was fun to catch up with you all last night....I so seldom come to the big PC anymore.  I am a nut about FaceBook and spend way to much time on my ipad.  We have been down to the camper and I have the chiggers to prove it.  I did, however, learn an Amish remedy to prevent chiggers and ticks and I am going to use it next time down.  The Amish use Vicks Vapor rub behind their ears, on their wrists and around their ankles.  We used it on Sam the last night and it really worked for him...I don't know why I get so eaten up, but Mike says it is because they like "dark meat".
Things are calming down for us now that school is out....for the last 3 weeks of school Sam spent the night with us every night and then we took him to school....we have a much easier schedule now.
I'm going over to the gym this morning and work out while Mike is in water aerobics....I can walk a mile fast now....amazing what loosing 75 lbs. will do for you.
Love you all!