Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Does History Repeat?????

I don't know the answer, but I do believe Americans should wake up and speak out against Rush. He is making 100 million a year and people are forgetting he is an entertainer. He has taken up the mantel of the Republican party and literally screaming ..."the only way America will survive is if President Obama fails." "I want him to Fail!" Where was Rush when Bush destroyed the American way of life and sent us into this Depression?
This man is the Hitler of this century and people are actually being brain washed by him. We knew that bigotry existed, but this man is being paid a fortune to express his bigotry and people are almost worshipping him.
The latest picture I saw of him, he was dressed in all black, shirt part way open and standing in front of a huge American flag. If he starts to grow a small black mustache.....maybe people will realize that this man is close to using his American right of free speech to yell...."the theatre is on fire!" when it is not......thus causing complete panic! I wonder how much Karl Rove and Newt are paying him to be the mouth piece?
It has only been 31 days and they are certainly not out to help our country survive this horrible down turn.....I don't feel that our country is in the shape it was for our parents, but each day the news is more bleek.