Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Big Oak Tree

I went over to my friend Anna Mae's (89 years old) home today to see the huge oak tree that fell in the storm on Friday night. sure is a loss...Anna Mae thinks that it is well over 200 years old. She can't wait until they cut it down and she can count the rings.
Some of our friends didn't get their electric until late last night.
So far, I have talked only to Sam...but he sure had a awesome day today which was his first day of 5th Grade.
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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Camera Explanation:

I did learn about the little slide on the kept flipping....the problem was that it then broke off and they are so expensive...I had to wait to buy a new ScanDisk...the lady at Walmart has helped me retreive my picture for prints...but I can't download on my computer.  The whole thing has been a real learning....expensive lesson about a faulty I finally have a new one and I am $48.00 poorer.

Home Again

We had a wonderful day at the Merk Reunion. It was in Atlantic Iowa and this was the 69th year it was held. I first attended this runion when I was in grade school...we drove down to West Plains and picked up my Grandpa Merk...then drove all the way up to Iowa. We stayed with one of Grandpa's brothers in DesMoines. What a fun, fun day. This reunion is always held on the 3rd Sunday in August...sure wish that long ago we had set up a reunion for all of us. The one in pink is from my Grandpa's generation... Grandpa was the oldest of 15 and the one in pink was married to the youngest Merk brother. Some are first cousins to my Dad, but most are my generation and we remember playing as young kids. My Dad's Uncle Joe used to take many of us over to the skating rink in, fun memories.
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