Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Successful Meeting

The P.E.O meeting that we had to postpone last month did take place today. The snow held off...coming with low temperatures tonight. The theme was about our founder's and we were suppose to wear victorian hats. Well, my head is so small and I have very little hair..so I found this little Victorian hat on a headband. The muff wis leftover from my college days. It all worked and we really had a great time....so now...bring on the snow. I have completed my last meeting....yippee skippee!
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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Busy and Quiet

We have really had a busy day today...first went to church, then came home and cleaned some more. Then we went to a new hamburger place over in Liberty...we were pleasantly surprised that we really like the burger and fries. The next thing....was back home and ready for a Super Bowl party here at the house. We had neighbors over and we really enjoyed watching the game...really didn't care which team wone. I had picked the Packers just for fun...
Mike is conitinuing to look up family ancestry...yesterday he was surprised when he was looking on the Sneed lineage that 2 greats ago (1850 census) owned 13 slaves in Franklin county MO. We wondered when we knew that Mike's great grandpa was named Jefferson Davis Sneed...clue!