Thursday, September 25, 2014

Borrowed Mike's IPad

It is just so frustrating that I can not post from my new I borrowed Mike's this morning!
We have a huge weekend coming up ....we will be celebrating 50 years since graduating from William Jewell.  Here's my problem....I started into a mess with gout Sunday evening...arghhhh!
Spent most of the day at the Dr on Tuesday, Mike did my volunteer job at the pantry yesterday and today I can kind of walk with a cane.  I will have to go buy sme shoes today that I can walk in all weekend.....4 months ago it did not sound so bad to be chairman of Homecoming weekend.
I am so tickled that I have been able to enjoy all of your adventures over the last month....I look forward to seeing you on the 11th!!!
I am so happy that Fleta's babies are going into scouting....such wonderful programs!


Sister--Three said...

Well, well, you found a way to post. Good to hear from you.

Hope you can kick that gout!

Erin said...


The 4th Sister said...

Since you can post now we expect to hear from you often! Erin wrote Cherries...I'll bet that helps Gout....Listen to her Winnie Jo she is almost as smart as Thelma!